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Today I requested they take down Blue Voyage. I am sure there are many unsigned musicians that are happy with their work, unfortunately my experience has not been positive. First of all, on iTunes, despite my genre selections, they enlisted Blue Voyage under the “enka” genre. Secondly, many online stores received a 3:10 minute truncated version when the full length of the music is 4:37 minutes. It is only possible if the error occurred on Ditto’s side before the uploads took place. Ditto only fixed the problem after my repeated requests and I had to upload the full length music twice. As of the time of writing at least one of the music sites still has the truncated version.

The guys at Ditto Music seem to be very enthusiastic young lads, but unfortunately not professional enough. These kinds of problems should have never happened. Despite they offered to process my next release free of charge because of these problems, I cannot truly trust them.

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  • Hudd Sounds says:

    Having exactly the same issues as you. No response to repeated emails. Label not setup correctly. Metadata not working. No sales recorded despite sales being made. Distribution only on iTunes despite paying for others such as Amazon, Tesco, Spotify, etc. Artwork missing from my entry. I will be calling them this week as a final plea to sort this out. Can you let me know who you are with now (if you have changed)?

  • admin says:

    No success at all. I contacted them a number of times requesting the removal of the corrupted files, but those are still available in a few sites like these:

    Blue Voyage is still listed on the Amazon sites, though as not available. I wonder if this will cause problem to me later on when I try to market it through others. Ditto? – never again!

  • frank says:

    Had similar issues regarding ditto. When my band released its first single via them there was no problems whatsoever, I had a full report on which sites it had been uploaded to and was available on the dates specified via Ditto when I uploaded it. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for when I submitted the album. It took six months of dozens of emails, various phone calls, online chats, hassling the CEO via twitter!!! Each time they would upload it to one of the sites I’d paid for i.e no iTunes so phoned them…6 weeks later it appears on iTunes, no Amazon…..contacted them again…….couple of months later it finally appears, an so on it went!!!! After a while they just stopped replying to my emails or would say they’d look into it A.S.A.P when I phoned them up. Trying to get it up on spotify was a nightmare .. In the end I threatened them one Friday afternoon with legal action ( as my wife is a partner with a law firm that is minutes away from Dittos HQ, i’m not sure why I waited 6 months to do this!!!).. The following Monday morning several fans of the band contacted me to tell me the album had suddenly appeared on various sites!!! So basically the threat of legal action resolved the problem within over 48 hours!!! To be honest its left a bitter taste and i’m now contemplating taking all my releases down and going woth another distributor. I certainly will not be releasing the bands second album (due for release Oct 2012) with Ditto !!!1

  • Alistair KB Records says:

    In all fairness guys, it takes a LONG time for sites to take your content down. If you are expecting Ditto to be able to contact all 700 stores over night and get your content removed immediately you are dreaming.
    I have a dance label and even with my own contract to Juno, it took them 6 weeks to take my content off the website.
    Saying that Ditto are not removing your content is just blaming them for your own issues.
    I have used Ditto Music for Beatport and iTunes. They are the only company that helped me process my Beatport application and helped me get on to Beatport.
    Your claims are un fabricated and do not even sound true.

  • Alistair KB Records says:

    Alistair KB Records

    Your music is down from iTunes right? That is because iTunes get things down quickly. Who are mobile 17? They are not as big as iTunes as probably do not even have staff that removes music. Sites like these do not play by the proper rules.
    IT was recently in the press that Myspace havent paid royalties since 2010, and god knows if people will get their music off there.
    I know from running a dance label that it is a very different process getting music up than it is getting it down. Blaming Ditto for the stores not removing your music is not at all fair and it sounds as though they have been reasonable with you in trying to get them down.
    They would have to contact each individual store. You can’t just push a button and remove things because its at the mercy of the support staff in that store. I dont think some of those stores would even have support staff. i KNOW this more than anyone after dealing with dance stores.

    Sites have issues, uploads have issues, there is a lot that goes on when distributing music. The fact that they gave you a free release means they have tried to fix this situation for you, which sounds like a pretty good deal.
    Accusing them of not doing a good job is really unfair, especially publicly.

    • admin says:

      Giving a free release doesn’t compensate for all the bad that happened because my confidence in Ditto is shaken. Do you call listing my music under the “enka” genre a “good job” when I specified “electronic instrumental”? Do you call distributing a corrupted version to many stores a “good job”? I don’t accuse them of not doing a good job. It is what they did that accuses them. And it is my business if I want to share my experience with the public and let others also share theirs. People have the right to know what happened.

      I personally don’t really care about what goes on when distributing music. Ditto is charging musicians for the service of placing their music with various music stores. The list of music stores on offer is put together with Ditto. Music stores that don’t “play by the rules” and do not pay or cannot be trusted to pay royalties should not be on the list at all. The music is the intellectual property of the musicians, in my view Ditto is responsible for where they place them and for treating them with care.

  • Jack Robert says:

    We partner with Ditto Music on projects so have a good grasp of their services… [snipped Ditto advertisement]… We don’t care about fake comments…

    • admin says:

      Without any proof to back up your claim stating that any of these comments are fake is false accusation.

  • Mark Jiggens says:

    My experience is these will be far from “fake comments”. I have 3 releases that have never made any sales – even though I’ve now started to collect documentary evidence to the contrary in the form of iTunes receipts. I have one release they never delivered to anyone – even though I paid for the entire package. Another release for charity did eventually do ok, once the errors were corrected, but I can’t get paid as the “request payment” function on the website is broken – even though they keep telling me “it’s fixed now”. They NEVER reply to email or web forms – I can only ever get through on the phone – eventually – and nothing they have promise to fix has transpired. Having decided to take down my entire release catalogue I’m now waiting for them to process the take down requests – which I made 12 weeks ago – and seeing how I just had “renewal” bills for several of the releases they clearly haven’t done that either.

    Another band I work with recently released a single with their chart package and at every stage of the process there were mistakes. The wrong tracks were delivered to some retailers, the OCC registration was messed up and the band had to correct this themselves with OCC, the pre-sale text service appeared to work – up until the day of release when hundreds of people reported no “download” button on the link page they were sent; of 600 pre-sales only 200 were downloaded. I was so, so enthusiastic about Ditto in the beginning. there service appeared to be so superior to so many other and I’ve given then chance after chance over the last couple of years but I for one will never be using them again. I can’t work out whether they really don’t care about their customers – or whether they have just grown too big too fast and are incompetent. In all conscience though I couldn’t recommend them to anyone – quite the opposite in fact. It’s a relief in a way to find so many other people enduring the same problems – I was beginning to get paranoid and think they just had it in for me.

  • Michael Collins says:

    I requested takedown first on Ditto website about 4 months ago, it is still available everywhere but itunes, even amazon still have it for sale. I don’t know whether it is ditto’s fault but they should come clean about the reality of takedowns and at least stop using those distributors which do not play by the rules and takedown your music. How likely are these poorly managed sites to pay you any money owed anyway. Definitely only stick to the major players in digital distibution in the future.

    I am going to have to threaten each individual site with legal action, what a ballache.

    Other issues are that some of the distributors have really cheap price structures…50 cents for a 10 minute track? selling a 4 song album as a single (40 minutes long!)…and they give some of ‘their’ profit from the sale to charity… absolute rip off for the artist…if they even dole out any of what little is left…

    Thankfully we’re probably in the boat of actually having no sales as we never marketed the release…however now we want to market it on a label we’re in trouble because it’s already out there and we cannot get it removed!

    Very frustrated.

    • admin says:

      I don’t understand Ditto. They place the music with anyone they can find that are willing to list it, but there is absolutely no guarantee that they play by the rules. It is better to place music with a few that can be trusted and take care of the musicians’ interest also. It is clearly Ditto’s fault because they should have done their homework.

  • David says:

    They have done the same to me. Emails sent tried to takedown on the website… NOTHING! Ditto refuse to take down my tune. Thank God it’s only one. Ive never been paid either. I do not have enough sales to reach their 25 pounds deposit rate. Deespite shifting 300 units atleast. NEVER USE DITTO BE WARNED!

  • Logan Roberts aka Neff-74 says:

    Well,i am a Dubstep Dj,and they are doing just fine except for the fact that my artwork isnt right,can someone help me?

  • George says:


    I submitted two questions to ditto music support – not answered in 5 days, though the web site says that the turnaround is 24h. Assisted my friend to submit music – no promised iTunes publication in 48-72 hours, so I think whatever is written above on this page must be true or close to it. The perspective that they delay payments, and also that it’s necessary to ping them constantly to get anything done is not alluring at all.

    I’m presently looking for other services which are out there. CDBaby charges percentage, TuneCore fired its main two guys, so I wonder who’s left from the major player, which works like ditto or tunecore.


  • kelmar says:

    I recently bought a ditto distribution package along with the label option that they offer. So far I haven’t actually uploaded any music for distribution but I did email them some questions about the label option. I did receive an initial reply about some of my questions and was told in that first email that I was going to receive the label info and all the documents needed in a follow up email. That email never came. I emailed back after about two weeks. I never got a reply. I then emailed again and got a reply two days later. The reply said that they would email me the documents by thursday and if I had not received them by thursday that i should contact them again. Needles to say I never received an email by thursday. I waited till the following wednessday and sent another email. It is now the following monday and I have not heard a thing from them yet. I just don’t know what to do anymore. its been over a month and I haven’t received what has been promised. I’ve simply lost all confidence in them and do not even want to make use of the distribution and other products I have already paid for.

  • Erkin Onay says:

    Same here. I am very sad to say. I have three releases with ditto music. Two where manually uploaded by them because songs are longer than 10 minutes and you can’t upload that over their website. The releases are on iTunes now but it has been more than three month now and I still can’t see them on my dashboard. I have no trust in them anymore.

  • Riu says:

    Hi all, it’s interesting to find this.

    I manage a label under the name of Loose Records based in Japan. We work with various electronic music artists. I have released our artists’ music with them 3 times and have had problems in all occasions.

    Dittomusic’s customer service and support is terrible.

    Sometimes, releases were “lost”. I understand that third parties are involved so problems may occur out of their control and so, have been tolerant – until the following happened.

    I have concrete evidence that my label’s music has been sold on Beatport as Beatport has label charts. Songs only appear in the label charts if people buy music. However, I had no record of the sales on Dittomusic’s sales report regarding Beatport.

    I inquired customer support about this and for 3 weeks they kept on saying they would follow up with their “Accounts” department.

    I only got a concrete reply after threatening them to go through legal means, change distributors and expose them as a fraud. According to them, Dittomusic has been without a Finance manager for 3 months, therefore haven’t been able to report sales correctly.
    3 months??? How can they claim to be a reputable company with this kind of operation?

    At the moment, I am waiting for Dittomusic to “login to the sales system and collect the data manually”.

    Due to Dittomusic’s lack of professionalism, the label’s reputation is being considerably damaged as artists are demanding payment and we have not been able to do so.

    Dittomusic needs to improve the quality of their service and pay their clients what they owe.

    My personal opinion, as of now, is that Ditomusic is a fraud, a scam, until they have paid what they owe.

    Contact me if you want me to send you the email communications I had with Dittomusic regarding this issue below.

    I will also be happy to discuss more issues that I’ve had so feel free to contact me.

    Finally, feel free to contact me if you have had similar problems with Dittomusic.


  • Simon says:

    I’ve signed up to DittoMusic just before they changed their website across.

    So far, nearly two weeks on, I still don’t have the documents with regards to the label.

    My release is not showing correctly on the new website. There’s no artwork, the release shows explicit content though I marked as not. The order shows me being charged more than I actually paid. Sales Tracking shows I have no eligible releases. I have four labels showing on my system, as four that are paid and none of them are actually what I ordered.

    The new website clearly has been released too hastily, it should never have been made live straight away. And then how can I trust a company where the website does not show accurate information about my orders or sales? Will it ever be fixed?

  • Riu says:

    Hi Simon,

    The system still seems to be a beta version. I have previous releases missing.

    Dittomusic’s customer service is slow. Often, they only respond promptly under the threat of changing distributors or taking legal action.

    I have however, been able to get hold of Beatport sales. It took Dittomusic around 3 months to get these. The new system is supposed to show sales reports even if funds haven’t been transferred to them. However, the new system is up now, I can’t find where I can check sales reports and Dittomusic still hasn’t been able to tell me how I can do so.

    Dittomusic overpromises and under delivers. Not a very good strategy to maintain the “professional” image they are trying to show.

  • Riu says:

    Also, although they have sent me the sales reports via email, they still haven’t been able to tell me exactly when it under what terms do stores transfers funds.

    It seems quite vague…

  • George says:

    Take down requests don’t really work with Ditto. I’ve been contacting their support over the phone and email over the period of time of more than a year – the album is deleted from the front-end, still it’s visible in all the stores. The musician is now signed with a German company, so I think they will send lawyers after Ditto. Not sure how effective it would be, but I would *NEVER EVER* consider Ditto music. BTW, same goes for Mondotunes – I did some control purchases, they didn’t come through in the accounting even after several months. The front-end is somewhat buggy as well, and they try to appear very friendly, but what they really excel at is self-praising, and I believe the system just doesn’t stand up to the hype.

  • RIU says:

    DIttomusic has sent me the sales report and funds have been transferred successfully.
    Their new website tracks sales in more detail and the upload system is easier to use.

    I take back my opinion on Dittomusic being a scam.

  • A Thomas says:

    I had a really great experience with Ditto for my first release with them. I had uploaded to another distributor who i won’t mention but who just messed it so bad. It hadn’t come out on release day and i couldn’t get any reply from them so in the end i panicked and used Ditto.
    Fair enough i called them and it was up in about 3 hours. My payments have all been in my bank quickly and i haven’t honestly had any issues. They seem solid.
    You can check out my track here! Trying to record an album but damnit i’ve got through like 3 songs in a whole year. Be kind on me please it was my first attempt at recording haha

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