Electronic Compositions and Classical Arrangements

On this page you can learn about me, my music and their quality available on this site.

My name is Bela Lantos. I live in Australia. I create synthesizer music – I either compose my own or arrange classical music to electronic instruments. My compositions are in the style of the 80’s when synthesizer / space music was very popular. Today this kind of music is classified either as “electronic instrumental”, or “new age”, though the music I compose is not new age music.

The music on this site is in their raw state, they have not been properly mixed or mastered, and the sound quality is low to keep the file size small. Occasional high pitch noise is due to this. They are still enjoyable, however you will not hear all sounds and they will certainly not present as much pleasure as the high fidelity versions.

To hear the difference play these samples.

  • First the low quality:

Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata (low)

  • And now the high quality:

Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata (high)

Of course, you need a reasonable quality gear to hear the difference.

You are free to download the music in mp3 format on this site and distribute them to your friends for personal use only.

Hopefully you will be able to purchase the high quality versions from most online stores in the future.

You can play all my music on the page.


The music and the content of this site is copyrighted.

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