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Today I requested they take down Blue Voyage. I am sure there are many unsigned musicians that are happy with their work, unfortunately my experience has not been positive. First of all, on iTunes, despite my genre selections, they enlisted Blue Voyage under the “enka” genre. Secondly, many online stores received a 3:10 minute truncated version when the full length of the music is 4:37 minutes. It is only possible if the error occurred on Ditto’s side before the uploads took place. Ditto only fixed the problem after my repeated requests and I had to upload the full length music twice. As of the time of writing at least one of the music sites still has the truncated version.

The guys at Ditto Music seem to be very enthusiastic young lads, but unfortunately not professional enough. These kinds of problems should have never happened. Despite they offered to process my next release free of charge because of these problems, I cannot truly trust them.

Welcome to Lantos Music! There are two types of synthesizer music on this website: compositions and classical arrangements.

The compositions are in the style of the 80’s when synthesizer / space music was very popular. Today this kind of music falls under the “new age / electronic” genre, though it has nothing to do with the “new age” philosophy.

The classical arrangements are created to make beautiful classical music easier to the ears of the modern generation, but are kept as close to the originals as possible. Of course, these arrangements can only be shadows of the original master pieces.

This is the blog page where I post test versions of my music also, if you want to listen to all the music in one place, head over to the page. Enjoy!

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